4th Grade Extensions

Math Extension Activities

You Cubed Tasks:  This site offers a wide selection of rich tasks for students to engage with that supports thinking deeply about mathematics. Choose one task to try.

Open Middle: Open middle is a site that offers problems that require a higher depth of knowledge and promote multiple strategies and solutions. Choose 3-5 problems to try.

Estimation 180: Estimation 180 provides students with engaging estimation challenges. Watch a few of the videos and try some estimation!

Illustrative Mathematics: Practice different skills and concepts. Try a lesson for fourth graders.

Science Extension Activities

Ten Design Challenges

STEM challenges: Using recycled materials you can make at home. Be sure to take pictures of your designs and creativity to share!Building Bridges

  1. Watch the reading of the book 21 Elephants and Still Standing using this site
  2. Research/investigate different types of bridges
  3. Build your own bridge out of recycled materials around your house. How much can your bridge hold? Take pictures of your work to share!

My Dream Playground

  1. Watch this video to see a variety of playground ideas.
  2. If you could design a playground of your dreams what would it look like? What would you include? Who would have access to your playground?
  3. Draw a 2-D model of your playground and be sure to label it.

Want an extra challenge? Can you build your playground or make a model of it? Can you determine the cost to build your playground? Be sure to take pictures and record your work to share!

Art Extension Activities

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems  

4th grade drawing promptsKennedy Center: LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!