4th Grade Links

Directions for Connecting iPads at Home

Do you need tech support?

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Connect to WiFi at Home -English

conectarse a wifi en casa en español


Famous Quotes Database

Google Docs

Google Slides

Google Classroom

Solar System

NASA Apollo Missions

Super Star Meets Plucky Planet

Study Jams: A Day on Earth

Study Jams: The Universe

Moon Phases

Weather Unit

Science for Kids

Weather Unit Study Guide

Weather Unit Study Guide Games

Weather & Clouds Practice Quiz

Weather Fronts & Air Pressure Practice Quiz

Study Jams

Study Jams: Air Pressure & Wind

Study Jams: Air Masses & Fronts

Study Jams: Weather

Natural Resources

Study Jams Natural Resources

Virginia Studies SOL Review

Quia Virginia Studies Review Items

Virginia Studies SOL practice tests

VA Studies SOL Practice

SOL Reading Practice Test

Interactive SOL Practice Tests

Living Systems

Study James-Biomes

Study Jams-Ecosystems

World Biomes

Kids Do Ecology

Study Jams-Animal Adaptations

Study Jams-Food Webs

Study jams-Food Chains

Second and Third Level Consumers



Aquatic and Land Biomes

Animal Research Websites

Scientific Names & More Animal Research

Latin Translation Translation

Virginia Natural Resources

Study Jams Water Cycle

Water Cycle Information

Watershed Video and Activity

Watershed Video


Virginia’s Mineral Resources

Limestone & Granite

Sand & Gravel


Mini-Animal Research Assignment

Amphibian: Eastern Hellbender

Reptile: Northern Pinesnake

Natural Resources Review

Flashcards, Matching, Concentration and Word Search

Rags to Riches

Plant Unit


Plant Parts


Study Jams

Flower Parts

All About Seeds

Flower Parts review game

Vascular v. Nonvascular review game 

Plant Review Practice Quiz

Plants: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search

Plant Vocabulary Practice

Electricity & Magnetism

Michael Faraday

Benjamin Franklin

Who Wants to Be a Milliionaire Magnets

Static Electricity Rags to Riches

Electricity Practice Quiz

Electricity Pop-Up

Energy Transformation Matching

Conductors and Insulators

Electricity Battleship

Electricity Practice Quiz II

Research Resources for Kids

Look Up Your Book

Study Jams

Ideas for Science Projects

Science Project Ideas

STEM Science Fair Project Ideas

Engineering Ideas


More Engineering Ideas

Solar System

Current Moon Phase


4th Grade Weather Unit


Glebe Elementary Current Weather

Weather Fronts Practice Quiz

Weather Review

Weather Millionaire Game

4th Grade Science Review

End of Year Review

Scientific Method

SOL Pass Review (Social Studies and Science)

SOL Pass Elementary


Metric Measurements (Rags to Riches)

Customary Units

Measurement Multiple Games

Practice Virginia Studies Test


Science Practice Tests

Ecosystems Practice Quiz

Ecosystems Games

Thomas Jefferson SOL Practice Tests (Math & Science)

SOL Practice Test

Quia Plant Review

The Great Plant Escape

Photosynthesis Quiz

Tree Quiz

Plant Reproduction


Study Jams (Science)

Study Jams

Physics in Soccer

Physics in Soccer

Scholastic Super Science

Super Science

Gymnastics: Newton’s Laws

Newton’s Laws

Prezi Presentation

Baseball: Newton’s Laws


Basketball: Science


Thomas Edison and the Electric Light


Benjamin Franklin and Electricity

Franklin & the Key


America’s Library

Library Search

How Things Fly

How Things Fly


CogAt testing

Acceptable Use Policy Form Completion


Fun Brain

Science Careers Game

Children’s Butterfly Site – Butterfly Life Cycle

PBS Kids – Science games

Kinetic City

Poetry Maker

Typing Tutor – Typing Program

Math Playground

4th Grade Science Games-Weather

Science Tools Game

NASA Temperature Game

Thermometer Games

Reading a Thermometer

PowerTest (formerly iTest)




MindPlay MVRC