Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade

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Ms. Yasin– Mathematics

Ms. Cannon – Reading

Mr. Bieganoski -Writing

Mr. H – Science and Social Studies

Ms. Morgan – Resource for Special Education

Program Description

Dear Families,

Third grade is such a big year in your child’s elementary school experience. Students become much more independent this year as they will be expected to expand their previous knowledge in order to develop new conceptual understandings. Students will develop mathematical concepts such as place value, multiplication, division, fractions,  data, probability, and geometry. In Language Arts, students will engage in explicit and systematic word study and spelling instruction, continue to develop literacy skills, with an emphasis on reading texts with fluency, accuracy, and meaningful expression,  improve their penmanship in cursive, and utilize the writing process for many styles of writing.  As scientists, students will learn about animal adaptations, ecosystems and human impact, simple machines, the water cycle, and soil.  In Social Studies, students will learn about civics, economics, geography, and ancient civilizations.

We look forward to a marvelous school year!

The Third Grade Team