Field Day Volunteers

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by Wayne Herninko

First, THANK YOU so much for volunteering. Please download and print this guide (the PDF file at the bottom of this text called “2019 Glebe Field Day Survival Guide for Volunteers”) so you know where to be, when to be there and what you will be doing on Field Day. Pages 4-5 have the specific who, what when and where for the day. If needed, I will update pages 4-5 with a separate PDF near the middle of next week. If your name is listed, please read the game description for your activity on the pages following and email me:
1) to let me know you received your assignment, and
2) so I can answer any questions that you have
at .

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on June 7th!

P.S.- Only field events and the 5th grade “Fat Albert” game “keep score” on field day. Bus Loop Games are just for fun. In any case, you can motivate good behavior by reminding the kids that they are earning or losing sportsmanship points according to how they act and treat one another.


Wayne, Kelly and Lindsay
The Glebe Field Day Ringmasters

2019 Glebe Field Day Survival Guide for Volunteers- vol2
(Uploaded on June 4, 2019)