Extensions for Home

Teachers are working hard to provide resources and materials to students. Please use the links below if your child is interested in going further in a specific area or would like additional challenges.


Youcubed at Home – visit this site for home activities that help students at home continue to explore and learn maths in rich and creative ways

Building Bridges

  1. Watch the reading of the book 21 Elephants and Still Standing using this link below
  2. Research/investigate different types of bridges
  3. Build your own bridge out of recycled materials around your house. How much can your bridge hold? Take pictures of your work to share!

Visual Patterns – visit this site to find a variety of different patters. Can you extend them? How many in the 5th picture? The 10th? The 100th? Extension: Can you find the rule for the pattern?

10 Design Challenges – STEM Attached are the directions for the Ten Thinking Challenges using recycled materials you can make at home. Can’t wait to see your creativity!

My Dream Playground

  1. Watch this video to see a variety of playground ideas.
  2. If you could design a playground of your dreams what would it look like? What would you include? Who would have access to your playground?
  3. Draw a 2-D model of your playground and be sure to label it.
  4. Want an extra challenge? Can you build your playground or make a model of it? Can you determine the cost to build your playground? Be sure to take pictures and record your work to share!

Project Based Learning at Home – information for parents and how to get started.

Lego30daychallenge – use this site for some Lego building inspiration

Visit the site Wonderopolis. Each day a new “wonder” is posted with follow up resources and guidance. Over 2000 questions from many disciplines to search. It is for learners of all ages; however, younger children may need reading support. There is also a search tab where students can type questions for things they

Math Games (that incorporate problem solving and logical thinking)

K-2Greg Tang Math Games

3-5Beyond Sudoku: Kakuro and Futoshiki