About the Glebe Media Center

We are excited to have students back in the library!

Classes come to the library once a week with their class for a lesson and book checkout. Checkout limits and policies are listed below:

Kindergarten: 2 books at a time
1st grade: 3 books at a time
2nd grade: 4 books at a time
3rd grade: 5 books at a time
4th grade: 5 books at a time
5th grade: Unlimited (as many books as can read in 1-2 weeks)

Students can check out 2 graphic novels at a time (eg. Dogman, etc.) and 2 books in a series at a time (eg. Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Books should be returned to Glebe on the student’s library day or can also be returned in the book drop outside of the school at anytime.

If a student has 3 or more books overdue, they can borrow a magazine from our magazine bin, or borrow a book from our ‘book exchange’, until the overdue books are returned.

Virtual Book Choices

eBooks and audiobooks are available 24/7 using MackinVIA! You do not need a school-issued device to access these resources. Directions can be found here.

MackinVIA logo

Listen and read along to a TumbleBook!

Tumblebooks can be accessed through MackinVIA (click on Databases)

Tumble Book Logo

If you are having trouble with any of these resources, please email Mrs. Wine.

Accessing ebooks & audiobooks using MackinVIA

Glebe has over 7,000 ebooks and audiobooks available through MackinVIA. There are multiple ways to find books – search by title, author’s name, or keyword, or browse categories of books such as sports or books in Spanish. Once you find books of interest, you can read right away or checkout and download the book to a device to read offline.

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Wine or Mr. Rene


The mission of the Glebe Elementary School Library is to inspire and empower students to become life-long readers, skilled researchers, and proficient in media technology.


The Glebe Elementary Library functions under the philosophy of being the heart of the school’s academic program. Our goal is to serve as the school’s learning commons where students and teachers come together to access and create new knowledge. The library collection is current, which provides users with information that will meet their various educational needs. Students are encouraged to read to enhance their learning experience, as well as for enjoyment, in order to continually improve their intellectual development.

Library Hours:

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:50 am to 4:00 pm. Students may visit the library to check out books and do independent research during this time.

The Collection:

The library has more than 15,000 resources for use by students, teachers, and parents.  The collection is mainly comprised of print resources: picture books, easy readers, fiction, non-fiction, biography, and reference. In addition, we have audiobooks and periodicals for students and teachers.


Please note that our library collection serves students in grades Pre-K through 5 with a range of reading and maturity levels. As we get to know your child, we can help make good recommendations. In the meantime, please let your child know that if they are uncomfortable with any book or e-book they read, they can return it immediately and make a different selection.

Our Staff:

Kristin Wine – Library Media Specialist

René Arana – Library Media Assistant

Library Hours:

Monday- Friday