PE@Home – Glebe Elementary School 20-21

Gleagle Picture of Mr H and Mrs. M PE at Home Logo

Hello Friends,
We just wanted to start out by saying how GLAD we are to be your physical education teachers this year! PE will look a bit different @Glebe Elementary School in 2020-2021, but just know that it will be as fun and frolicing as ever. Take a look at our first edition of the PE Planet 2020-2021 for some more details.

You will have two PE classes each week. To start the year, one will be taught to you LIVE on Microsoft Teams, the other you will complete on your own, and the content for that second class will be on our new learning platform called Canvas. Don’t worry, we’ll show you where everything is and how to access it. Click HERE to see how to access Canvas!

Enjoy the last few days of summer break and know that we REALLY look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time! Until then, STAY SAFE and BE WELL!

More to come here in the future.

With Great Anticipation…
Mr. Herninko (“Mr. H”)
Mrs. Manchisi