4th Grade Art Project Gets Flyover


4th graders explored their math studies of patterns through an exciting project re-designing the blacktop into a colorful, exciting basketball court for all to enjoy.  Students were introduced to Project Backboard, an organization which transforms basketball courts in cities that are in need of some revitalization. The founder of Project Backboard, Dan Peterson, feels that these projects benefit the whole community by bringing people together through beautifying the space which in turn makes the space safer and more fun to spend time in.  Mr. Peterson reached out to our 4th graders at the beginning of the year, letting them know he was honored to hear they were inspired by his work.

Students worked in groups with parent and graphic designer Jamie Falik to develop their color schemes while creating paper-cut designs of the blacktop.  3 designs were combined to create the design that was painted on the court by the 4th grade class.

Working with individuals from outside of our community brings a dynamic interest to our program. Mr. Falik works for a non-profit group that educates farmers in poor countries to grow more healthful foods for local consumers.  He works with a team of visual artists creating brochures, posters, and videos to further education in other countries. Mr. Peterson works with artists and city planners to fulfill many of his plans for community basketball courts.  It is important to show students how the art they are learning can and is being implemented in the real world.