Bullying Prevention Spirit Week

by Eleanor Lewis, School Psychologist bystander power poster

During the week of October 15th- October 19th, Glebe students and staff increased their awareness to help identify and address bullying.  Classroom counseling lessons presented by school counselors Mary McInerney and Debra Gaeta provided students with Tier 1 direct instruction on bullying prevention strategies and a school bulletin board was decorated to increase bystander action.  Specific spirit week activities were spearheaded by Glebe school psychologist Eleanor Lewis and school social worker Laura Weil.

With the help of the supportive and enthusiastic fifth grade teachers and students, anti-bullying posters were developed and displayed around the school.  Each day of the week there was a school-wide announcement with bullying definitions, action steps (Recognize, Report, Refuse) and concrete ideas on how to be kind and inclusive.  Children with sunglassesIn addition to the daily announcements, each day had its own theme including shades Tuesday – “Throwing Shade to Bullies,” mismatched Thursday – “Glebe and Bullying Don’t Mix,” and the ever-popular pajama Friday – “Put Bullying to Bed.”  It was a fun and educational week of increased bullying awareness and knowledge that culminated with movie night on the Glebe field.