Bullying Prevention Week

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Bullying Awareness Week
October 18-21, 2021
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October is National Bullying Prevention month and Glebe is spending the week learning how to prevent and address bullying. One of the easiest ways to combat bullying is to promote kindness and respect for all.  Try these practical tips for fostering kindness, caring, and compassion in your family. Encourage kindness in your kids with the following ideas:

  1. Focus on what you want to increase. Pay attention to whether you are noticing the faults of others or their acts of kindness. Adjust your focus to align with the values you want to teach.
  2. Model acts of kindness. Help all those you can. When you notice others who seem to be behaving in a hurtful way, take a breath and wish them well instead of judging them.
  3. Create a “Ways We Are Helpful” book. Take photos of the kind acts you see in your family and school (holding a door open, cleaning your space, making grandma a get-well card, doing chores). Create a photobook or other keepsake to review and cherish.
  4. Record acts of kindness. Take turns being the “kindness recorder.” For every act of kindness you see or experience, put a heart in a basket or an artificial flower in a pot. Share some of the kind acts at dinner or bedtime.
  5. Play kindness charades. Family members can act out the kindness they have received from others. The observers can try to guess who the helpful person was.
  6. Write notes of kindness. As you express your appreciation to others, be specific about what they did and how it helped you. Leave letters around the house, on pillows, in lunchboxes, and in the car.

A great waybingo card for kindness challenge to put these ideas into practice is by playing Kind Acts Bingo.  Each family member would have a bingo sheet with the goal to perform as many kind acts as they can within a given time frame.  The family member who ”wins” could earn special acknowledgement, a desired activity, or a small reward.                    

For printable versions of the Bingo card go to: https://cms-tc.pbskids.org/global/Kindness-Bingo.pdf?mtime=20190827120352