Troubleshooting Guide for Global Protect

GlobalProtect Setup and Troubleshooting

For General Issues Away From School:

  1. Close the Global Protect App by double-clicking the Home button, then swiping the App closed.
  2. Go into the iPad Settings app, select General in the left window and scroll all the way down the right to Reset
  3. Select Reset Network settings and follow the prompts
  4. The iPad will reboot
  5. Go back into settings and reconnect to your home wi-fi
  6. Follow the directions below to reconnect and troubleshoot Global Protect

To reconnect Global Protect:

  1. Ensure the iPad is connected to wifi
  2. Open the GlobalProtect app and click connect
    • If the app connects successfully, check the VPN settings in the Settings App:
      1. Open the Settings app
      2. Go to General > VPN > GlobalProtect
      3. Click the info icon (i)
      4. Ensure “Connect on Demand” is set to “On”This will ensure that GlobalProtect will connect automatically in the future.
    • If the app doesn’t connect:
      • Force quite the GlobalProtect app (double click the Home button and swipe up on the GlobalProtect app) and try again.
      • If that doesn’t fix the issue, reboot the iPad by pressing and holding the Power button (on the top) and the Home button (on the front) until you see the Apple logo.  Turn the iPad back on and try again.
  3. Additional information about GP errors can be found here: