Grab and Go Book FAQs

How do I find Destiny Discover, the library catalog?

You can go to the Glebe Library webpage –  and click on Destiny Discover – Library Catalog. You can also access the catalog using MyAccess. Click on the Destiny Discover option in MyAccess.

How do I put a book on hold?

On the Glebe Library webpage you will find a flyer and a video that will walk you through the steps of how to put a book on hold. Please put books on hold by Wednesday evenings for pick up on Friday. There is a 5 book limit on book holds at this time.

NEW: I’m a hybrid student and am at school on T/W or TH/F. Can I still put books on hold?

Hybrid students are now visiting the library in person on one of the days that they are at school. If a specific book that you want is not available when you visit the library, please put it on hold and it will be delivered to you on one of your ‘in school’ days when it is available. Otherwise, please plan to get books when you visit the library.

NEW: I’m a virtual student. How do I get library books?

Virtual students can continue to use the ‘hold’ system by putting books on hold by Wednesday evenings. Come to Glebe on Fridays between 2:30-3:30 pm to pick up books. Starting Friday, 4/23, we will have a small pop up library during distribution. This is only for virtual students since hybrid students are coming to the library each week. Important! Remember to check the Checkouts section of Destiny Discover when you are logged in to see if the books you put on hold are ready. If the book is shown under Checkouts then it is ready. If you don’t see it in Checkouts, it is not ready to pick up yet. The flyer and video mentioned above will show you how to check your Checkouts.

A book I put on hold is shown as checked out to me, but I don’t have it. Why?

As holds are placed during the week, we may check it out to you before Friday in order to have all book orders ready by pick up time. If you don’t already have the book, then seeing it in Checkouts means it is ready to pick up at the next pick up.

A book I already returned is shown as checked out to me. Why?

We must quarantine books for 7 days before we can check them into our system. So, if you return a book to Glebe but it still says checked out that means it is in “quarantine”. As soon as the 7 days is up, we will check the book in, and it will no longer appear under your Checkouts.

There are books in my Checkouts that say they are overdue. Why? 

Due to our quarantine period, there may be times when books will show as overdue. Please don’t worry about this. We are not enforcing any fines at this time because of the nature of our book ordering/pick up system.

UPDATED: How many books can I put on hold at one time? 

You can put up to 5 specific books on hold at a time. We ask that you please refrain from putting multiple books in a series on hold, for instance books 1-3 of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This allows everyone who wants the “popular” books of a series to have a chance to get them.

I put 5 books on hold last week. Can I put another 5 on hold this week, or do I need to wait until I’m done with my first set of 5?

In general, we ask that you bring back as many books as you would like to take home. This allows the books to circulate more quickly and gives everyone a chance to get books they would like. As mentioned above, since we have to quarantine books for 7 days before we can check them in, there will be times when books that you have already returned still appear in your checkouts. Please don’t worry about the number of checkouts you see — If we notice that you have checked out many books but none have been returned, we will contact you to discuss.

What is the Surprise Me! Book Request Form? 

If you don’t have a specific book in mind, you can use the Book Request Form to let us know grade level, book types of interest (non-fiction, picture book, etc.) and any additional details. Using this information, we will pull books for you. This is a great option for younger grades or those looking for something new to try.

Can I place holds for 5 books in Destiny Discover and also request 5 Surprise Me books using the Book Request Form? 

No, at this time, we can only fulfill either holds through Destiny OR requests through the Book Request Form.

I received a book that I didn’t put on hold. Why?

There are times when a book you have put on hold is not available because it is lost. When this happens, we will provide a “replacement” book for you to try.

When and where do I return my books? 

You can return books to Glebe at any time. There is a book drop out in front of the school at all times. While the checkout window is 2 weeks, we ask that if you are done with your books before the 2 weeks is up, to please return them so that others can check them out sooner.

What if I forgot to pick up my books on Friday or couldn’t make it before 3:30 pm? 

If you don’t pick up books between 2:30-3:30 pm on Friday, we will hold them for you until the following Friday to pick up. If you can’t make it on Friday, you can pick up books in the school office between 8:30-4, M-F. If books are not picked up on the following Friday, we will return them to the shelf.

We hope this helps with any questions you have about our book request and pick up system. We will continue to update these FAQs as we get questions, or information changes.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Wine,, or Mr. Rene, with any questions!